The blog of Laszlo Bokor

The blog of Laszlo Bokor

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Like a virgin

Well, hi there, let us start it then.

Let me be absolutely honest, I did not really wish to start making a blog. As someone with a serious lack of time, a development of a complex business and the management of several large projects whilst life, family, and some awesome and passionate hobbies also have to enjoy their privileges, I must repeat that "no, I did not really wish to start making a blog". Although, I have started it anyway; therefore, something must have clicked differently this time.

The reason that I have become a blog owner, in the end, is a rational way of taking down some barriers. (Or just simply put an extra burden on myself.) There are millions of things swirling in my head on a minute basis and I actually started feeling sorry that I loose so many good ideas which I could store somewhere in a safe place. Things that I could use to get inspiration for some later date articles or book projects; things that could motivate others; or things that I could just simply share with the world.  Also, instead of a massive burden, I have started to see a blog as a tool to develop myself, my activities, and my business, and respect all of these and keep them as a nice collection, first for myself, and, secondly, for everyone else. I have lots of manuscripts and unfinished papers lying here and there, so I thought, instead of just making them lie uselessly, I could collect them in one place and maybe one day, these will become useful for someone. The other thing is that I have gradually become pissed off with Facebook; if I post an important message there, people will never even care to look at it, but when I share a picture of a cat, things go crazy there. I have become fed up with that unprofessionalism that Facebook represents and I thought, a blog could change this. And if it does not, the smart things that I post will still be together on these pages.

So, overall, I have started doing this blog to put some more weight on my shoulders, but also to add more meaning to the time I faff away on a daily basis. I will try my best to bring some regularity into this and post something as often as possible. I will mostly share my thoughts and experience related to Earth Sciences, Frugeo, GLS, research and science, settlement signs, and other personal and professional things, so come back often and read my entries, message me, or invite me for a pint - I will be happy to interact.

~ Laszlo