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The blog of Laszlo Bokor

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Why learn geography? Why learn at all?

Hi there,

I was going through my archived documents and I came across a piece of writing that I did a few years ago. It is about Geography and why I love this subject. I thought this should be posted to here, so here you are. Read it please and get motivated. 

~ Laszlo

I believe it does not matter what subject you choose to learn in the end. You must choose and learn something that makes you happy and that you will enjoy doing as a profession throughout your life. Geography has always been my hobby and some years ago, I chose to study and be a geography researcher (MSc), because for me it is the most attractive subject that I can shape, develop, and improve—and not to forget about the potential chance to travel the world. Now, I have achieved a new milestone in my life: I have also become a geography teacher (I have done PGCE). For me, no matter if I research or teach, as long as it has a link to my hobby and makes me happy, I love doing it with a great enthusiasm.

I would not like to talk about clich├ęs, but education gives you knowledge and confidence. And knowledge is valuable. It does not matter if you self-educate yourself or attend a university, as long as you keep learning something that interests you, you will gain a powerful tool that will always come handy in your life. In the social world where we all live, however, every human has to be recognised by a qualification. This is the document, your degree that you obtain once you complete your studies in a higher education institution. Why not gain a comprehensive and competitive knowledge with plenty of experience from a subject that gives you the most, enjoyable, and you can do it as a hobby? 

When you think of geography, it is not only a simple subject. Geography encompasses everything that can be seen on Earth, and everything that surrounds you in your environment. I would call it “the knowledge of everything”. You can talk about life—yes, biology is a great part of it; you can talk about the weather—yes, physics is a great part of it; or you can talk about your holiday—yes, tourism is a great part of it; talk about your beer, your coffee, your hamburger, your car, your smartphone, your telly, and so on and on, no matter what it is, everything will have some links with geography. So why not to have the ability to see behind the scenes instead of only focusing on one thing? 

Geography for many people appears to be something very complex and difficult. Truly, it is a very diverse conglomerate of scientific disciplines, but the level of difficulty is only defined by you. People always forget about the fact that everything in life and on Earth is geographic. When you drive your car, when you eat your breakfast, when you drink your coffee—all of these have geographical significance. So, in this sense, everybody on the planet is quasi a geographer. As a professional, however, you can also synthesise things and you become more aware of how your car has an impact on the economy, how your breakfast affects the natural environment, and how coffee bean production gives jobs to tens of millions of people worldwide. You will know what the difference is between physical and human geography, and how to combine them to have an outstanding and sustainable knowledge that is worth sharing with everybody. If you, however, end up teaching something different, like I have taught mathematics, you will be even more capable of raising the standards of any subject you teach with the involvement of geography. 

So, learn Geography, but at least, learn something that is important for you and not for the others!

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